Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rolee Trip - Day 2 Part 2

After numerous shots the group finally decided to head for Odaiba. We planned to take the train headed for Shimbashi, but since the subway station is near Shinjuku Gyoen, we went for a little while to look around. Spring has begun during this time and so you'd see people mingling around Sakura trees.

My legs are starting to worn out and I can feel that I can't take another more step. But the tour must go on. After all, one who likes to travel shouldn't be getting tired of walking. Since we are almost running out of time as it would be dark soon, we better be going to Odaiba if we would like to see as many sites in Odaiba as possible.

One of the most interesting place at Odaiba is VenusFort. Once inside, it is like you are walking along an old street in Europe. I know the concept is not really original here as I know I've seen a picture of one before taken somewhere else.

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