Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rolee Trip - Day 1

Just came from a very very tiring week, but FUN at that! I've got some friends working in Singapore who flew in to Japan for a one week's stay. They arrived last March 10 and stayed until March 18. It was actually fun being around them and doing all those trips.

First day upon their arrival we are already scouring the city. First stop was the ever crowded Shibuya. It was a Saturday night and so as expected much more people are in the streets.


Around 15mins ride by train and we are in the ever famous, brightly litted Tokyo Tower. The orangey color of the tower looks magnificent in a clear night. Though the scenery in the morning is also spectacular by just admiring the towering height of Tokyo Tower. One must have a picture of the tower in the morning and at night to appreciate more the beauty of this man-made structure. Too bad there are some rumors that they plan to dismantle this and build a much bigger tower.
THE PHOTOGRAPHERS If one is in Roppongi already, try visiting Roppongi Hills with all the magnificent buildings around. This one has the view of the tower in the background. Warning though, you must be wearing a very tough pair of shoes for the walking.

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