Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rolee Trip - Day 6 - Tokyo at last!

We run into a bit of a problem after that magic show. Actually, we were already inside the train station when Rolee remembered he was carrying some things bought in USJ. We have a few minutes left before the next train arrives and knowing that missing the train would get us in to another trouble, that is missing our ride back to Tokyo, we went back to the spot where the magician performed his tricks. Fortunately though, he was still there and was packing his things. He immediately recognized Rolee and when we asked if someone returned something, he gave us this packaged that Rolee left behind. Still, no time for happy endings yet as we only have 3 more minutes to go back to the platform and catch the train. Luckily, the train have just arrived when we reached the platform and people are just starting to get on the train. That was a close call indeed.

Anyway, we arrived at Tokyo early in the morning and headed for Tobitakyu, rested for a while then headed back again to go sight seeing. We went to Hibiya Park and visited Rizal's bust then headed for Akihabara.

I got tired and my camera's memory was already filled with photos so I wasn't able to get some shots in Akihabara. It snowed for a while but it wasn't that much as compared down south in Kansai area. I guess I have to wait for the next winter to see some snow actually falling from the sky.

After Akihabara, I bade farewell to Rolee and friends as I have to go back to Honjo that night. Actually I am missing my bed already and my feet hurts from all the walking. Oh about the items Rolee left behind in USJ? It was a thank you gift for me and his friend for helping them around their visit to Japan. It was actually a nice experience.

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