Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sakura all around

I got bored today so I thought of going around the city. Brought my camera with me and went back to the flower park. But this time I took some photos near Wakaizumi Sports Park that is just beside the flower park.
At this time I guess the sakura season will be over soon for Honjo. Once you see petals on the ground, it means that the flowers will all start to wither. I'm just glad I was able to catch a glimpse of this sight. I transfered to another part of the park at the back of th e school and saw this beautiful scene a long the river.

The view of the park at the back of the school is much beautiful and grander with all the sakura in bloom.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hanami fever

After the Mochi and Hanami party, a friend of mine from Cambodia asked me if it is ok for me to join her go sight seeing as she doesn't want to go back yet at the dormitory. Well since I guess I still have the hanami fever in me, I said sure. We bumped into another friend from Singpore and asked him to join us go around the city.

We ended up in Honjo Flower Park although at this time of the year, you can only see cherry blossoms. Not that I am saying it is not a nice view but the flower park is called as such because of its spectacular beauty and view during the summer season.

Mochi and Hanami

Since it is the time for cherry blossoms, the local group here organized a Mochi (rice sweets) and Hanami party yesterday at the community center. I wasn't able to have a taste of the mochi though, although seeing how they made it was quite interesting to know. I remember the time we use to make "linupak na saging" (smashed banana with grated coconut meat and sugar).

Young and old a like helped in beating the rice used for making mochi.