Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yokohama tour- Part 2

Since we started quite late, we reached Sea Paradise mid-afternoon and you know how my other fellows love it to take pictures wherever and whenever they pleases. Of course who am I to stop them, if you can't beat them, join them! This one is funny. Everyone is in the mood to act out their parts.

Yokohama tour- Part 1

After Rolee's visit two weeks ago, I had another walking spree this week. This time with my fellow batchmates from the International University of Japan (IUJ). The fellows from Sophia University, Hitotsubashi University, Yokohama Kokuritsu University, and International Christian University also joined in. Of course, the trip won't be complete without us Waseda group.

I spent the night at Bobby's place together with the IUJ fellows and Margie. Our senpai from Waseda, James was there when we arrived. He actually just lives in the same building as Bobby.

Next day we met the other fellows in Takadanobaba and Shinjuku station before heading for Yokohama to meet Allan.

Once in Yokohama, we couldn't help it but to take pictures in Sakuragicho eki with the Yokohama Landmark Tower at the background.


First stop was Nogeyama Doubutsu-en (Nogeyama Zoo). The zoo can be found on top of a hill so it was quite a long walk from the train station and quite tiring indeed. But once you get inside, the walk is worth it as the zoo really has great collection of animals.
Have you heard of a red panda?

Some more animals in the zoo.

The views and the people.