Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here I am in the lab hoping to accomplish something tonight as I spend the night here (as in overnight which would be my first here, no problem since the building is open 24hrs). To accompany me in this cold night and stop me from getting "oversleep" rather than do "overnight" I tuned in to my all-time favorite station Monster Radio RX 93.1.

Tonight they are having Back to the 80's and I overheard Chico talking about this site "DekadaOtsenta" so I immediately checkout the site and was smiling while listening over Chico explaining a quiz challenge that can be found on the site. Smiling because I do remember some of those things like "who is the host of loveliness" or "what's Pong Pagong's favorite food". If you're one of those who are already aware of what's happening back then - from the TV shows, cartoons, or games children played - this site will truly bring back those memories.

Yuki ga furimasu.

Yeeeey!! Finally!! Snow!!!

I was awaken by the urge to peek into my bedroom window to check if the sun has already set ('twas already 9am). But what I saw brought life into my sleepy soul (I went home around 12mn from the laboratory previous night and was only able to sleep around 3:30am). Normally I would feel a headache whenever I attempted to get up from bed only to be pulled back again by the desire of getting that much needed sleep.

But this is different. I immediately stand up, throwing the covers aside, and rushed towards my camera. I need to get a snapshot before it all goes away. SNOW! SNOW! SNOOOWWWWW!!!

It's an exhilarating experience, especially for one who grew up in a tropical country where the dream of every child is to play uninhibited under the falling snow.

Honjo experienced it's last heavy snow fall in the early parts of 2005. And since then, we haven't had one. Holding my camera, I started to take shots, even though the snow fall is not that heavy nor forms on the ground. But still, I took shots while hoping that the snow fall won't stop, that it would run for hours. That it would give me a chance to see snow on the ground forming.

Three hours had passed and it is still snowing outside. Yippeee!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Life. Think Positive! :)

It's a brand new year once again and it is time to ponder about what transpired in our lives for the past year. Time to think about our accomplishments and our failures and time to think about how we will live our life for this year. I really don't have anything in mind, I mean the resolutions. I just want my year to be more active, me being more outgoing and not just stuck up here in my room. I have nine more months to spend here in Japan so I hope to maximize and enjoy much of it.