Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rolee Trip - Day 4 - Midnight Train

After getting back from Ikaho, we have to rush packing things in time to catch the shuttle bus from Honjo to Nishi-Waseda. This will save us around 7,500 Yen in transpo. Travelling in Japan one needs to plan everything ahead, in case of Japan that will be "months" ahead as tickets for cheaper rides are quite popular. At this time of the year, Seishun 18 Kippu are on sale so quite a number of travelers will take this opportunity to move around the country. We were able to get some tickets for the train but there's no guarantee that we could get seats as reservation tickets were already sold out. Much more, we could not get on the train coming from Tokyo since only those with reservations are allowed to take the train. We have to travel down to Odawara for us to be able to get on the train.

Unfortunately, Midnight Nagara was crowded so people are even sitting along the isles. Much more the area where we were situated have bicycles from some of the travellers. I think these were from those guys we saw around Ueno station earlier. I didn't get enough sleep, I think everybody doesn't. It was fun but tiring.

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