Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rolee Trip - Day 5 - Oooohh-Osaka!

After spending one day in Kyoto, we headed for Osaka to see Universal Studios Japan. It is just a short trip from Kyoto so it is not really exhausting. Once in Osaka, we secured first our bus tickets for the night trip before heading for USJ. We were fortunate to secure some tickets as it is quite very hard to get one during this season. Bus tickets in Kyoto were already sold out so this one is our last chance.
We weren't able to go around Osaka as most of our time where concentrated on USJ. USJ is not that big as compared to Tokyo Disneyland but the rides are fairly exciting. The Neverland show was also great!

The best part of the trip here in USJ was seeing Rolee doing some tricks after being called on by the street magician.

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