Saturday, October 21, 2006

Maskipaps! version 2

By the way, I have already created another blogsite for the things I've been doing out of my kitchen (just click on the title of this post). This is in connection with my previous blog (Maskipaps!). Anyways, this is long overdue since I was really planning to create one featuring the dishes that I've been trying out. Hopefully, I could work on again those past dishes that I've already made and be able to post some pics and "how to's". Also, the blogsite will contain "kitchen experiments" of the various dishes that I've tasted and would love to try out on my own. So I wish you guys could visit the other site and post some comments or better yet, make your own little experiments. One warning though, try all the dishes at your own risk!


I got a text message from my friend asking for my where abouts. She wants to return the pot she borrowed last time and also gave me some left overs since she can't finish it all. Anyways, I was already in the building when I got to read the message and saw that she left the thing in front of my place. Earlier I was thinking of cooking pasta since I was really hungry and don't have time to cook rice anymore. Besides, I have to finish up all the breads I bought which is nearing expiration (actually it was expired already since yesterday but still consumable) and I thought it will go well with pasta.

Anyways, there were two left overs, one is a soup of meat and sausages with pineapple chunks and the other one is a grilled fish. I was thinking of making a pasta dish out of the grilled fish but I don't think it would go well with tomato sauce. So I played around with the soup heating it up first. Then I thought of removing the extra liquid by simmering it more, this will make the sauce more thicker. At this time I was preparing the macaroni shells. I remember that I still have some brocolli in the frig and so I added it up together with some mushrooms and pour in some milk to make the sauce. Once the consistency of the sauce was attained, I poured it over the macaroni and top it with some parmessan cheese. I didn't put too much salt since the soup already has taste. I know you are wondering how it looks like so I generously took some pictures of it for your viewing. Besides, earlier this week I was thinking of doing a blog about my cooking. What I cook. Maybe later. For now, enjoy!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Saw this one in YouTube about the FREE HUG campaign. The video is awesome and quite moving. You'd feel like you want to go out and look for someone to hug. We may never know it but that person we hug do really need some comfort right now. The music by Sick Puppies entitled All the Same in its own is quite moving. Sounds good to hear and the words are very appropriate to the video. Anyways, I hope you have time to check it out and hug someone!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I really love to have a camera. Not the small one or handy one that you normally see. I want those big, bulky, a bit heavy cameras professional photographers use. I've been wanting to learn photography even before college but don't have the time and the resources (the camera, I don't have one). Anyways, I have here some pics which I took using my mobile phone's camera. If only I have one of those cameras, the shots would be much nicer. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Autumn in October

It really is autumn here in Honjo. Around last week, you can't imagine that a new season had arrived. I guess because of the changing weather. During the last week of September to the first week of October, we experienced varying weather change. In the early mornings it was cloudy with a little drizzle then the warmth of the sun in the mid day. Also, we experienced lots of rains during these past few days which made it more difficult to recognized the change in season. But came Saturday (Oct. 7) where I thought (or so we thought) that it would still rain (a previous commitment was cancelled because every body thought that it would still rain since it was raining straight for the past two days). You can hear the howling of the wind and you can feel the coldness in the air coming from the mountains of Gunma and Niigata. The temperature is starting to drop and that even in the day, one should wear something comfortable as protection to the cold weather. In the streets of Honjo, you could see dead leaves fallen from the trees, blown by the wind. It really is autumn. And winter, yes winter is about to come. The preparation for the cold season has begun and I think I might as well prepare for it myself. Aaahhh what a lovely feeling autumn brings.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bursting inside!

13 yrs. yep, that is how long I've known Rolee. He was my classmate back in college and for me I consider him to be one of my good friends, very good friends. Though I don't confide problems to him (actually not even to anyone), still I considered him to be my best friend. He is always jolly, full of antics and always there to share a laugh. I never saw him getting angry or mad to someone or to anyone for that matter.

After reading his post in his blogsite, I felt his anger, bursting inside. As I've said, I have never seen him like this before. Not until now. What ever that is bothering him, I pray that he may recover from it and forgive the one who done him wrong. Though I know it is hard to put away all that anger, still it is the only thing to do. To Rolee, I love you always my friend. We are all here, those who knows you well and we will support you no matter what.

Friday, October 06, 2006

BAGUIO on my mind.

Its been raining since yesterday. Though it is not that heavy, still it feels cold. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganito ang weather ngayon. Yesterday, there were some drizzle in the early parts of the morning and the sky was cloudy. I was still able to go to the bank and pay for my bills, but then around 11am it started to rain. And it never did stop. Until now.

It is cold. And times like this, I remember the cold climate of Baguio City. I missed the place. Though I am not shivering because of the cold weather, I just hate it because it made me miss Baguio City even more. Sigh...

(Sunrise at Camp John Hay courtesy of BaguioCityONLINE)

Thursday, October 05, 2006


はじめまして!私の 名 は マイケル です。 今 日本 に すんで います。

So much for Nihongo. Anyway, just like what Japanese say, Hajimemashite! Been living here in Japan for quite a few months now and my classes have just started. No problems so far. I really don't think that I have to adjust to the food, the culture, the lifestyle of the Japanese people. I guess I've been too familiar with them after all those Japan Video Topics that I have watched (always) when I was still a kid. I guess it helped a lot. Actually, been dreaming of experiencing the life here in Japan and now it finally happened. I'm here!