Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rolee Trip - Day 4 - Kyoto Adventure!!

Finally we arrived at Kyoto. The first part of our two day one night trip around Kansai area will be around Kyoto. Maybe because of exhaustion I was not able to take pictures around the station. We first headed for the inn that I found on the Internet, it is small but the staffs are friendly and can speak English so it is ok. Also, the price is quite affordable. We thought at first we were to share a room together but unfortunately we, Rolee and I ,have to take one room with some other foreign travelers and the girls will be taking the other, though both rooms were on the same floor. We left our things as check-in time is not until 2pm. They also rent out bicycles but at that time all are in use. So I guess we have to take the public transport.

First stop, Kyoto Goshio (Kyoto Imperial Palace). This was where the Imperial Family previously lived. Now it houses memories of the old past.

We were not able to go inside as we do not know where and how to go inside. It was too late when we found out that there was an office near the entrance of the compound where one was supposed to sign up if they would like to see what's inside Kyoto Goshio. On this part of Japan where it is still a bit cold, only Ume (Apricot) were on bloom so it is quite rare to see a Sakura at this time.

After Kyoto Goshio was Nijo Castle. It was just a short trip from Kyoto Goshio.

It was too bad that picture taking is prohibited inside the palace.

But I came across this video from YouTube, I was just wondering how was she able to manage to take the video as it is strictly prohibited to do so.

Exhaustion finally beckon upon us and so we must regenerate strenght if we want to enjoy and maximize the trip. Too bad I don't have any strength anymore to go around again as one of the inn's staff told me that there will be a lighting of lanterns activity in Toji Temple. I was hoping to see that place, in fact all the places mentioned in Japan Video Topics that I used to watch back in Manila.

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Ayan said...

Nice photos! it's been a while since I last visited your blog... wish i could go see those places in person.