Monday, April 28, 2008

On turning 31

Last Friday, April 25, I celebrated another year in my life. Now I belong to those people whose age would no longer exists in calendars by next year. Tough huh!

When I turned 30 last year, I bought a book by Esquire Magazine about things that men should and shouldn't do once they reach 30. I really don't have any idea about growing up, and so I was curious on what was expected of someone my age. That time, my thoughts were about what clothes do people wear, how do they react, how should they react. I mean, am I supposed to be constrained by the stereotyped norms of an adult. I am still single and very childlike at heart. I love toys, cartoons and chocolates. I am a matured thinker but my love for childish things are a very part of me.

Now that I grew another year older, my worries are the same. I am looking forward to the future like other normal guys do, a better life, a better future. But I don't think I have to follow what the society dictates, it's my own life, I'll go with my own pace, like riding a train. I don't want to be restricted by the thoughts that the train might not arrived on time but instead just enjoy the ride and admire the beauty of life, after all I'll surely get there soon.