Saturday, October 21, 2006


I got a text message from my friend asking for my where abouts. She wants to return the pot she borrowed last time and also gave me some left overs since she can't finish it all. Anyways, I was already in the building when I got to read the message and saw that she left the thing in front of my place. Earlier I was thinking of cooking pasta since I was really hungry and don't have time to cook rice anymore. Besides, I have to finish up all the breads I bought which is nearing expiration (actually it was expired already since yesterday but still consumable) and I thought it will go well with pasta.

Anyways, there were two left overs, one is a soup of meat and sausages with pineapple chunks and the other one is a grilled fish. I was thinking of making a pasta dish out of the grilled fish but I don't think it would go well with tomato sauce. So I played around with the soup heating it up first. Then I thought of removing the extra liquid by simmering it more, this will make the sauce more thicker. At this time I was preparing the macaroni shells. I remember that I still have some brocolli in the frig and so I added it up together with some mushrooms and pour in some milk to make the sauce. Once the consistency of the sauce was attained, I poured it over the macaroni and top it with some parmessan cheese. I didn't put too much salt since the soup already has taste. I know you are wondering how it looks like so I generously took some pictures of it for your viewing. Besides, earlier this week I was thinking of doing a blog about my cooking. What I cook. Maybe later. For now, enjoy!

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