Sunday, October 08, 2006

Autumn in October

It really is autumn here in Honjo. Around last week, you can't imagine that a new season had arrived. I guess because of the changing weather. During the last week of September to the first week of October, we experienced varying weather change. In the early mornings it was cloudy with a little drizzle then the warmth of the sun in the mid day. Also, we experienced lots of rains during these past few days which made it more difficult to recognized the change in season. But came Saturday (Oct. 7) where I thought (or so we thought) that it would still rain (a previous commitment was cancelled because every body thought that it would still rain since it was raining straight for the past two days). You can hear the howling of the wind and you can feel the coldness in the air coming from the mountains of Gunma and Niigata. The temperature is starting to drop and that even in the day, one should wear something comfortable as protection to the cold weather. In the streets of Honjo, you could see dead leaves fallen from the trees, blown by the wind. It really is autumn. And winter, yes winter is about to come. The preparation for the cold season has begun and I think I might as well prepare for it myself. Aaahhh what a lovely feeling autumn brings.

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