Thursday, October 23, 2008

missing Honjo

Come Saturday (October 25, 2008) I will be spending my first month back here in Manila. Initially, two weeks after arriving here I started to ponder about what I miss most in Japan and the things I wish Manila have. To share this pondering with you, I listed here my Top 10 things I miss about Japan (Honjo* for that matter).

TOP 10 Things I Miss About JAPAN

1. JUNK Street sa Akihabara
2. WASEDA DAIGAKU (especially GITS)
3. ang aming DORM and my DORM mates
4. ramen, udon, and soba
5. Kappasushi (name nung Sushi shop na name din ng isang klaseng sushi)
6. DAISO!!
7. my bicycle
8. maingay na mga UWAK
9. TRAINS (JR (local), subway, and shinkansen)
10. CLEAN and FRESH air!

*Honjo is a city in Saitama Prefecture where I spent my whole 2yrs while finishing my graduate studies.

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