Monday, September 22, 2008

MS in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies

I finally got it! Last Saturday (September 20,2008) I finally received my diploma for the Master of Science in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies from the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies of Waseda University in Japan.

GITS is an interdisciplinary graduate school integrating information and communication technologies, multimedia technologies, and social sciences pertaining to fields of telecommunications. All in all, an alliance among three research areas; (1) Computer Systems and Network Engineering Area, (2) Multimedia Science and Arts Area, and (3) Info-Telecom, Socio-Economics, Network Business and Policy Area.

The Graduate School offers the program under four different course track; (1) Project Research Course, (2) CIO-IT Course, (3) Interdisciplinary Research Course, and (4) Career Development Course. In Project Research Course under the first area, where I was a part of, students are required, under the research guidance of a supervisor, to conduct project research on a specified theme and release the outcome of project research to an academic society, academic journal, etc.

It is a bit tough for most of us, as although the program is interdisciplinary still the primary focus is on the telecommunication sector. I came from the software side of computer science and am not really that familiar with the technologies under telecommunications. GITS have introduced me to these technologies and have provided me knowledge that I know could help me in my field. This, and aside from meeting great senseis who are involved in the international scene and they themselves are accomplished individuals, make me proud to me part of this great institution.

I guess my only regret was that I wasn't able to accomplish the things I have first planned to do like getting additional course load, enrolling for some subjects in the MBA program, and write and present more paper (I was only able to present one). I am hoping that I could come back again to further my studies and really push myself to accomplish a lot of things.

Unfortunately I don't have great pictures during the ceremony as most of the people I know who knows how to take great pictures either didn't attend the ceremony (as Honjo where I used to live is quite far and no bus service was provided) or are out of the country. Never the less, I have some here and more will be posted in my winkflash site.

*with my sensei and adviser

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