Monday, September 01, 2008

Moving out...

Have emptied my room. Sent my things back home Monday of last week (Aug. 25). Sent my luggage to the hotel where I will stay for the remaining days I will spent here in Japan. I can't believe it has been two years already. Now I can finally come back home and return to my work. Been missing it so much already. Though right now, as everybody else in our group, I have mixed emotions of leaving Japan. A kind of feeling that makes me feel sad and happy. Happy because finally I can reunite with my family, meet my friends whom have also returned from other countries, return to my work and be with the company of young adults, and relived that Manila experience. But sad, as I will be leaving behind wonderful memories and friends, and I think the life that I have always wanted. Independent and convenient. Though at times it sucks living in rural Japan.

Passing the time with Internet surfing and watching online videos. Just one more night and I am out of here. Out of this lonely and quiet dorm as if you were in a dungeon. A dungeon I loved to call my second home.

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