Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One Piece

For the past week as I prepare myself for this "gruesome" day of master's thesis presentation, I spent my time watching online videos. I guess I got tired of watching movies or maybe I just couldn't find something interesting to watch so I ended up watching One Piece (ワンピース).

I know that they used to show this back home in Manila but I really didn't have the chance to see it or maybe I just didn't like it that time. Then again, it is really hard to follow the story line of something when you didn't watch it from the beginning. Anyways, I didn't know that it's more than just an anime but has a very good story as well. Honestly, I even cried in some of the episodes. Some of the scenes are quite visual in nature but done in a very subtle way (specifically some of the more violent scenes with all the blood and everything). More of suggestive leaving it up for the audience to visualize and explore their imaginations, I just close my eyes whenever I feel like the scene will end up just like what I have imagined it to be (especially with every scenes that has blood written all over it).

Currently watching Episode 40 now and I plan to finish it all the way.

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