Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nagano Tour

In an anticipation for a need to relax after the defense, I signed up for a tour with the Honjo International Friendship Association a few weeks ago. As the scheduled date for the trip closes I was having doubts whether I would join or not. I'm a little bit out of cash so I was hesitant to join but also I only have a few months left (about 2) here in Japan so this would be a great opportunity to maximized my stay. I really don't have to worry about the travel fee as I have already settled it a bit earlier, what worries me is that I don't have any cash at my disposal once something happens.

But the eager side of me triumphs as I joined the tour last Sunday (13 July 2008) and I am glad I did as I joined fellow students who are also joining the tour. It was fun to travel and see new sights. The itinerary for the tour starts from Matsumoto Castle, then lunch at Azumino Swiss Village, a tour at a Wasabi Farm (大王わさびのうじょう -だいおうわさびのうじょう), and finally a quick tour at Azumino ArtHills Museum just near the farm.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the course of our travel. More can be seen at my winkflash site.

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