Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here I am in the lab hoping to accomplish something tonight as I spend the night here (as in overnight which would be my first here, no problem since the building is open 24hrs). To accompany me in this cold night and stop me from getting "oversleep" rather than do "overnight" I tuned in to my all-time favorite station Monster Radio RX 93.1.

Tonight they are having Back to the 80's and I overheard Chico talking about this site "DekadaOtsenta" so I immediately checkout the site and was smiling while listening over Chico explaining a quiz challenge that can be found on the site. Smiling because I do remember some of those things like "who is the host of loveliness" or "what's Pong Pagong's favorite food". If you're one of those who are already aware of what's happening back then - from the TV shows, cartoons, or games children played - this site will truly bring back those memories.

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