Saturday, September 08, 2007

Leaving...but not gone. Kudos to PUNZKI!!

I think this guy really deserve that position at Microsoft in Redmond. Having known his capacity I have no doubt that this guy could actually make it big. Actually, his qualifications to Microsoft - Redmond are backed-up with his stints as Microsoft Philippines MVP during his college years aside from the fact that he, together with other fellow students from Ateneo de Manila University, represented the Philippines in a Microsoft sponsored competition in the US. This and other numerous competitions he have won proves that he is worthy for his new job. Though it saddened me and I guess a lot of his friends back home for his departure, we are glad that he is taking his career to new heights and proving that he, and other Filipinos, can do it, YES FILIPINOS CAN DO IT!

Kudos to you and we wish you luck and greater success!

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punzki said...

Thanks Mike!!! :D

Yes, Filipinos can indeed achieve ANYTHING we set out hearts to! When I'm there, I'll always keep in mind that I'm not just there as a worker, but also as an ambassador of the Filipino people. :)