Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lost and FOUND!!

In our university, we gain access to every facility using our student ID cards. Even the security panels holding the keys for key-type locks can be accessed if one is authorized using his ID. Yesterday, as I was returning my ID to my wallet after returning our lab key, I noticed that my Alien Registration Card was missing. What a deep sh**! Of all the things that could be loss I have lost my Alien Card. One can't go out without it, they'll jail you for not bringing one.

I back tracked where I came from to check if I may have dropped it while pulling out my student ID but there were no sign of it. Then I hurried home as I have remembered that I was using my Alien Card while filling up some forms. So I checked around the house but still no sign of it.

Then it hit me! I photocopied it last Monday at the grocery shop. The f*ck! It must have been gone by now. Anyways, I hurried to the shop and checked the copier I used. Still no sign. The machine must have been used several times, who knows what happened from that day till Friday.

As a last resort I went to the customer service counter and asked if there were any returned items specifically an Alien Card. The guy at the counter said that there's none. Stupid guy! Didn't even look around the counter. So finally I went to the Koban (police box) to report it. I need a police report if I plan to get a copy (Well I sure need it!).

Today I went back again to the grocery shop to check the machine. I was thinking that maybe just maybe someone must have used the machine after me and then throw my ARC near the copier. Well bad luck! No trace of it. Anyways, my stupid intuition tells me to go back at the service counter and ask again. True enough, my hunch was right. Another stuff from the counter got a box out and there inside was my ACR. FINALLY!! Someone with a right mind tought of something. Well the stupid guy was still there and he was searching at the log book. No help really.

I am just thankful that I finally got it back and that I don't have to worry anymore.

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