Monday, December 25, 2006

Life begins at 30!

29..30! Four months from now life, for me, will make a different turn. Growing older (a bit wiser I guess) but still having fun just like a child. For the next few months of my life before I go near the edge and join the bandwagon of calendar lookers, I would like to do things that have been pressing in my mind. Things I think I should focus on, after all life is too short why not enjoy it while you can. So here it goes, my 30 to do things before I turn 30:

1. get to read a book, a nice book
2. go clubbing in Roppongi
3. go back to Ikaho and go skinny dipping in the hotspring
4. learn to skii
5. travel to Kyoto and see the place during winter
6. be good at Nihongo (as in fluently)
7. get all A's from my classes (hopefully!)
8. have my VISA upgraded to multiple-entry
9. get a massage
10. ride a shinkansen to anywhere
11. go to Disney Sea
12. make a draft of my thesis
13. take nice pictures of the great outdoor
14. finally see and climb Mt. Fuji
15. get myself an iPod Shuffle
16. change my mobile phone service provider
17. spend one whole day travelling...ALONE!
18. have a trip to Hokkaido
19. have more money to finance all these trips
20. finally get to see Tokyo tower before they tear it down
21. make up my mind whether I will move in the dorm or not
22. host a party at my place
23. play badminton or tennis after 12yrs
24. buy my first set of suit and trousers
25. build my own snowman...hehehe
26. go back and see TMG at Shinjuku
27. stay in the tub and relax
28. see south Honjo (Kodama)
29. get an A in Shimamoto Sensei's class (have I mentioned this already?)
30. happy!

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