Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pinoy Scholars - We (Pinas) Wants You!!

Got this very interesting news article about Pinoy Scholars abroad (thanks to Allan ) for shouting it out in Facebook.

I think the Philippines really deserve some helping hands in order for us to reach our goal of being economically stable and developed. No matter how you were able to got hold of that scholarship, I think that as Filipinos we have a duty to support and help our countrymen (if not the government).

As a former scholar abroad (I'm a JDS Fellow (4th Batch)) I am now back in the Philippines, hoping to do my share and take the challenge of helping the Philippines. I have met a lot of Pinoy Scholars abroad (other JDS Fellows, Mombukagakusho Scholars, Rotary Scholars) and the reality of it all is that some use the scholarship as a stepping stone to live and work abroad. It is quite sad but that is one of the harsh realities we are facing now which is not only true for the Philippines but for almost all of the countries where other scholars abound.

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