Saturday, June 06, 2009

Back to School..NOT!!

Everyone's trying to hurry in getting back for school. Grade schoolers and High School students are now back. We at the university will be heading off by June 15 (originally on June 8 but moved because of the weather and the AH1N1 scare). Anyways, going back to school means going back to teaching. I'm looking forward for it but am having second thoughts as I still haven't had a break. Been working my ass off I (excuse me for the language) the whole summer, prepping up the college for the opening of classes. Sleeping for for 6 hours and less everyday as I need to report to the office from Monday to Saturday. Sigh. I am tired. Exhausted. Trying to pump up my spirit of the joys of accomplishing things. I need a break, really!! Missed some of the movies I've been dying to watch. I hope the postponement to June 15 can give me that rest I needed.

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