Friday, August 10, 2007

ハロハロ in Japan?! (Halo-halo in Japan)

Went out for a swim at Fukayashi with a friend yesterday and we stopped by a MiniStop outlet along the road to have lunch. Was taking a last bite when I noticed this sign --> ハロハロあります。(Halo-Halo available <-- translation in English, see photo below). I was amazed to find out that they have it here in Japan, though it is not quite the real thing as they tend to put the ice "before" the sweets leaving you with ice and water at in the end. Anyways, I told my friend that Halo-Halo is a famous cold food or dessert during the summer seasons in the Philippines and that the term they used in Japan actually came from the Philippines. He was also amazed after learning that it is a Filipino food. Currently, it is quite hot here in Japan and I think this will last until the mid of October. I promised him I'd prepare some next week, I just need to get some items from Ueno.


A. Crisostomo said...

How about Laing in Japan xDDDDDD

A. Crisostomo said...

How about Laing in Japan xDDDDDDD